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Recently Whale Watching became one of major tourist attraction among world. Sri Lanka very famous for Blue Whale, Sperm Whale in Indian Ocean. One of leisure activity can be done in Mirissa where 157 KM away from the Colombo. There is stunning and sun kissed beach waiting your arrival and can have natural lush in the beach.  The whale watching starts at 6.00 am from the Mirissa. Can see Sperm Whale, Blue whale, Fin whales and Bottle nose dolphin and turtles. Even get the chance to swim with Whales, that is adventurous blended joyful experience rarely feel. Near Dondra point of Sri Lanka can see large number of Blue Whales and perfect place to swim with whales. While on that there is a huge possibility to watch Bottle nose Dolphin, Spinner Dolphins. October to April is the season in Mirissa.


May to September end is the season in Eastern Part for whale watching. Even there is other located in Eastern part of the Sri Laka where called Trincomalee which is located 265 KM away from Colombo. Also can see blue whales sometimes whale shark as well as. Many stunning beaches located in Trincomalee with great ship wrecks belongs to II World War.