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One of world heritage site in Sri Lanka that locates near Nuwara Eliya. The climate of Horton Plains is wet Montane and annual rainfall over 5000 mm and the temperature 14-16 c. Horton Plains is one of a great place to observe the fauna and flora. This montane forest able to source for three major rivers of Sri Lanka not even that this amazing place bounded by second and third highest mountains of Sri Lanka. Not even that on one part able to see escarpment with the depth of 900 meters and it is very famous and known as World’s End. Horton Plains one of the most frequent site and common sighting is Sambar Deer. Not even that also able to sight Strip Necked Mongoose, Long-tailed giant squirrel, Wild Boar and Endemic Baer able to easily sight. Not even that Horton Plain is a great place to sight birds as well such like Dull –blue flycatcher, Bush Warbler, Yellow-eared Bulbul with the wood pigeon.

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This place became one of world heritage due to its versatile fauna and flora. Horton Plains locates 2000 m above from sea level. It always consists with montane cloud or misty in all the time. Visiting Horton Plains is one of an unforgettable moment, with captivating moments in your holidays that you spend in Sri Lanka.