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It is the 8th wonder of the world due to its vast architectural plans and designs. It was a truly amazing thing. According to the history King Kashyapa has been built this amazing place also some people guess this rock fort built by King Rawana and later on King Kashyapa developed it.  The shape of the rock like a lion and that is why it called lion rock “Sigiriya”. This place is the best place to observe ancient irrigation and architectural skills and techniques of ancient Ceylonese. Sigiriya is one of the best place for defense and it has been built with following all kind of defense techniques. The top of the pond is really remarkable place and believe there was an elevator to climb the rock fort. Even today found only few ruins on this elevator and the gateway. The water garden of Sigiriya is really amazing. During the raining season fountains still, workable to discover fully stone made pipeline to carry water and remove water from the garden. This great work shows the amazing skills of ancient stone carvers.

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Sigiriya is the World Heritage and it is absolutely true thing because there are so many things to discover and observe. Sigiriya cave paintings are very famous among worldwide. The color separation and creation is remarkable and unbelievable. Used all colors are natural. Those are well-furnished arts of women. The mirror wall is a great place to observe about ancient poets which have written about the beauty of Sigiriya and its cave paintings. The people truly amazingly explain about the beauty of those women. Finally, Sigiriya is the superb and amazing place. Not even that Sigiriya was developed as Buddhist Monastery in later on. There are many ancient ruins still remaining on this monastery.