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Locates near to Ancient city Anuradhapura with a diversity of maximum vegetation. The best time to visit this amazing place is from February to October. Willpattu National Park is one of place that nestled for many immigrant birds.  In 1938 this national asset has been declared as National Park. In this national park recorded 30 mammals not even that there are many ancient ruins spread in many places in Willpattu National Park. Most of them are Buddhist Monasteries. The recorded highest density of Sloth Bear and 1000 bears have been recorded in Willpattu National Park. Willpattu is the best location to observe the behavior of Sloth Bear in easily. Also, Willpattu has the best villus which could accommodate many endemic and immigrant birds. The biodiversity is very high in Willpattu. Easily can be spotted Whistling Teal, White Ibis, Spoon Bill in Willpattu. It is a sanctuary for many immigrant birds and it could be nestled to them in the more safe way.


Willpattu National Park is one of the best places to have camping experience, there are many places locates that service ultimate and superb camping experience for the visitors. Can spend time among wild nature with more tranquility.  The best time to visit Willpattu is from February to October. This season will pave the way to capture more wild animals rather than other months. Visiting Willpattu makes more sense to your journey with the large diversity of animals.