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Ceylon has over three thousand history for Ayurveda. Ayurveda is one of traditional medical and oldest healing science in the world. Those traditions were bring through old masters to their disciples. It is one of major beneficial for rejuvenation, skin care and for many more. The ancient herbal medicine extensively in Sri Lanka since thousands of years. Among tourists famous Ayurveda body massage during this full body will be cover by many oils. Also it helps to reduce body fat either and you will have a very peaceful sleep. There are many perfect places which offer trustworthy service by professional staff and Ayurveda doctors.  


There are various types of treatments can be find such like Ayurveda Bath, Massage, Facial treatment, Herbal steam bath. This indigenous knowledge could serve quality service for many people and wipeout many pain. Arround Sri Lanka there are many places offer this indigenous treatment.