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Ceylon enriched with many natural resources even rainforests are main. Sri Lanka rich with many natural resources and rainforests are major, Sinharaja one of World Heritage, Kanneliya, Knuckles are major rain forests spread in Sri Lanka. Sinharaja rainforest accommodate for 8 endemic mammal species found here, giant squirrel, dusky-stripped jungle squirrel, badger mongoose can be mentioned. Within reserve there are many threated reptiles species kept safe such like amphibians and butterflies. Knuckles mountain range features 34 peaks with various height “between” 900 to 1900. Within split of second weather can be change in this reserve and cover by mist and start rain which can’t unpredictable.


By the Sri Lankan government declared those forests highly protected areas. Made up for massively complex structure of tall trees will sense quite calm and relaxing among forest and that will heal your soul and mind and generate more peaceful. Many endemic fauna and flora can be discover in those great locations. This awe-inspiring moments and experience can’t be explained by words and you need to feel it on your eyes and mind