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A small town located in Badulla district, which located over 1041 m from sea level. Surrounding enriched with high bio-diversity with numerous varieties of flora and fauna. Ella fully covered by gigantic mountains with tea plantations and cloud forests. One of amazing, remarkable area of Ceylon, especially for honeymoon or vacations. Ella has a great history which belongs to King Rawana and one of most particular place that shouldn’t miss. This location one of most scenic venue for adventure or vacation not even great choice for sport activities like paragliding, canoeing, hiking and trekking. Bird watching can be one of numerous excursion.  Ella is ideal location for camping, rock climbing either jungle or riverside locations for BBQ and enjoy the surroundings with loved once.

Ravana fall one of unique and tremendous location felt natural beauty own eyes, fall is the widest fall in Sri Lanka. Scenery of the fall amazing it connect heaven and earth.  Dowa Temple one of amazing attraction in Ella, because of paintings and sculptures that adorn its rock walls temple located bottom of a hill and close to stream with picturesque view. Thousands of tourists and visitors attract to Adisham Bungalow because of its uniqueness which was built by Sir Thomas Villiers. In near Ella there is world’s oldest wooden bridge exist that built on 16th century. This bridge never miss by tourist because one of amazing creation of manmade.