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Finest beaches located in there called Uppuweli and Nilaweli, one of great tourist destination. For surfing ideal locations in Trincomalee, where you can feel the superb and excitement experience. One of safest natural harbor with deep water located in this city which geographically value. Also located pigeon island with full of hidden secrets at many ship wrecks. City has long history due to historic harbor. There are some remaining things which belongs to II World war.  Whale watching one of major excursion and water sport, surfing, snorkeling and diving are major. There are Buddhist Temples as well as Hindu Kovil in this land. Golden sandy beaches with wide range of natural beauty waiting your arrival.


Nilaweli Hot spring brings warmer bath for you which located 8 km away from Trincomalee city and there are seven temperature various springs located in a same place. One of amazing creation of Nature.  This great city had been home to numerous Buddhist Temples since thousands years. With this finest beaches with golden sandy are most memorable place of your holiday or honeymoon.