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The second ancient capital of Sri Lanka where kept many ancient ruins in a very safe way also can enjoy the historic value environment. Gal Wiharaya (Stone Temple) is one of unique and tremendous man made sculpture by stone in thousands years. Those things still remain in a very good condition. One of ideal location to spend your leisure and honeymoon trips with enjoying this great location. The time duration goes more than 2000 years in this great city. One of world heritage site with masterful stone carvings, palace complexes and temples. Disney documentary has been released “Money Kingdom” which is one of great expedition about toque- macaque monkeys,


Nissanka Lata Mandapa build by King Nissankamalla which has very innovative work of are depicting of classical architecture. An ancient time this was used for religious works of King. Watadageya was one of place that kept Lord Buddha Statue to worship to people and for King. One of very rare and amazing creation of ancient civilization. Those many things still shows the ancient proud of Ceylon.