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A world heritage site is known as Ramsar rainforest in Sri Lanka it is rich with biodiversity with vast spread varieties. This natural asset bounded with many districts of Sri Lanka and able to enter to a great asset by Galle and Rathnapura districts. Nature trail spread via small footpaths in the jungle and able to capture amazing animals. Many beautiful flowers able to see in this rainforest and it riches and complex diversity. Many endemic fauna and flora able to find in here. According to IUCN, this rainforest is the extensive primary lowland tropical rainforest. Number of waterfalls available in Sinharaja Rainforest and it is truly amazing. The annual rainfall of Sinharaja Rainforest 3614mm to 5006. The highest rainfall records in monsoon season. Two main nature trails located in Sinharaja Rain Foest and both nature trails begin at Kudawa Conservation Centre. Sinharaja Rainforest is one of the ideal platform to observe the birds such like As the Ceylon Hanging Parrot, Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl, Brown-capped babbler and Ceylon blue magpie are few of birds easily capture in here.


In Sinharaja Rainforest found 12 endemic mammals also this is a perfect platform to observe butterflies as well. Many endemic butterflies available in here. Giant squirrel, dusky stripped jungle squirrel, purple-faced leaf money are few of animals can be easily found in Sinaharaja Rainforest.