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The guests who wish to study and observe ancient ruins of Sri Lanka must visit Anuradhapura and it is the first city built in ancient Sri Lanka. According to facts, it has been built by “Anuradha” over two thousand and five hundred years ago. Anuradhapura is the best and superb example of glorious irrigation schemes in ancient Anuradhapura. All things were made of stones. Those irrigation used for the agricultural purpose as well. Even today there are many ancient ruins can be seen in Anuradhapura. The most sacred Boo Tree found in Anuradhapura and it is one of very sacred place for Buddhists. Also, believe that tree is the oldest tree in the world. Not even that many amazing creations found in Anuradhapura such as Samadhi statue. This statue shows both feelings in the same face. From one side of statue Buddha smile and another side able to see indifferent. Both expressions show in one face and that is one of a remarkable thing. On the other hand, this is a sacred city because there are many sacred pagodas located in Anuradhapura such as Ruwanweli Pagoda, Jethawanarama, Mirisawatiya and many more.


In Anuradhapura able to find best stone carvings which can’t believe because all creations are truly smooth and completed but ancient people able to create those things in a superb way. Also able to see the world oldest hospital as well and the techniques that ancient Ceylonese used is remarkable and unbelievable. Anuradhapura is the best example for proofing that Sri Lanka had a significant and superb civilization in past.