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This is the first ancient kingdom capital which located 205 km away from Colombo. One of the pilgrim’s city in the Sri Lanka. The history goes beyond more than 2000 years. There are many hidden and unidentified places still remain in underground that didn’t discover yet, Sri Lankan archeological department still doing many excavations in various places.  Many ancients creations can be seen which made by Stone, some remain on foundation level. Good opportunity to observe ancient civilization with historic techniques. Word’s oldest historically authenticated tree can find which over 2000 years is.


Many extraordinary places located this sacred city which build by stone, Ruwanwai Pagoda, Jetawanaramaya, Mirisawatiya located in this sacred city. Also many stone made sculpture remain in many Museums. There is ultimate pond called Key Pond which build as the shape of key, that is one of tremendous man made thing in ancient history not even that many pagoda build by small bricks bring amazing feeling. The irrigation process of the ancient city was extremely well organized among reservoirs. Samadhi Statue one of tremendous man made thing because in one part when you look at the statue you will see Lord Buddha smile from the other part you will see Lord Buddha little indifferent emotion, one statue with two feelings.