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Another national park locates near to Hambantota District, it is dry monsoon forest that bounded to Rathnapura. This tremendous place could attract more foreigners with its superb beauty. This is a place where widespread wild animals in one place and diversity spread to immigrant birds. This amazing land bounded picturesque reservoir and it is the best place to observe the animal in evening. Not even that Udawalawe is the best place to observe many endemic snakes with reptiles. It is the best platform ever known to spot many animals in one place. Udawalawe based for many wildlife photographs with Water Buffalo, Sambar, Mongoose, Deer, and Elephants. Uadawalawe is the best place to spend holidays with tranquility. Leopard density attracts more guests to Udawalawe.


Even there are many great camping sites in Udawalawe and it will gather more enthusiastic and pleasurable experience for the guests. Next to Udawalawe National Park locates the baby elephant orphanage center which could attract many people into it. There are many baby elephants take care up to release to Udawalawe National Park. Three times a day can see feeding baby elephants. Near Udawalawe National Park there is wild elephant expecting foods from visitors. This will be the whole new experience for the visitors. People can observe this thing from a distance. Some people feeding this wild elephant and take some photos from distance but should careful at every time.