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Udawalawa is a well branded name in Sabaragamuwa Province which located in dry and wet zone. One of national emblem of Sri Lanka annually huge amount local & foreign tourist visit to Udawalawa. National park created on 1972 year and covers 30,821 hectares. There are waterfalls located in area also annual rainfall 1500 millimeters. There are many places to visit but most of them hidden but Udawalawa tours arrange to visit many hidden places. At the even can enjoy the warmest climate by having beer with loved ones. Especially there is wild elephant who comes near Udawalawa reservoir can feed by hand to the Elephant. That feeding a wild elephant is extraordinary experience ever can have. Many camping sites located inside of the National Park, many endemic animal species can be found in there.


Many ancient temples located near to Udawalawa and many prehistoric places which doesn’t discover for tourists. Specially arrange safari and camping in Udawalawa National Park, not even that arrange round tours with accommodation. There are many ancient temples which located in Udawalawa with still remain historic remains. Not even that Maduwanwela Waluwa one of great remaining evidence of Colonial era.