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Most visited national park of the Sri Lanka that links with many districts. There are five blocks in the park, one of ideal place to have camping site and enjoy the natural lush and the greenery. Many endemic animals have their habitats not even that many migrate birds visit this land for laying eggs and nest.  There are six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in this location. Can see over 215 bird species with 06 endemic species. You will find the highest leopard densities in the world. Can enjoy many elephants very closely and having bird watching also.


Among Yala reptile recorded 46 and 05 animals are endemic and as usual many crocodile which identified as Mugger and saltwater. In Yala 21 fishes are recorded and endemic fishes are Stone sucker and Esomus thermoicos recorded. Huge amount of waterfowls migrate to lagoons of the Yala. At the park there are thousands of birds watching daily bring more pleasure with blended of natural lush. Whenever at sky see crested serpent egale and white bellied sea eagle looking some foods. If you are study about the fauna and flora with natural habitat of Sri Lanka this is the ideal location which can fulfill your knowledge with great experience.