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Most sacred place of Buddhist where Lord Buddha tooth relic kept in Kandy. Many Buddhists visit this amazing place to worship. This temple was the royal palace of King “Sri Wickramarajasinghe”. This place has been dedicated for Tooth Relic and there are holy traditions and customs in Kandy Temple of Tooth Relic. The tooth relic kept on the Gold casket and there are many protection for the tooth relic. Also, both temple “Asgiriya and Malwathu Temples of Kandy hold the ownership of the Tooth Relic. There are separate traditions follows even today and it has been started before centuries. Kandy procession is one of the major attraction in the month of August on every year. Many local and foreigners attract to this procession. It is truly amazing and spread vast tradition on to it. Many dancing events mixed with a procession and watching it, is the best way to observe the Kandian traditions of Sri Lanka.

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In Temple of Tooth, Relic museum is the best place to observe the vast spread of history in one place. It is something that never missed. The ancient audience hall is one of major place to visit. The wooden creation is truly remarkable and amazing. It shows the glorious prosperity of Kandian Era because it is really amazing. All creations made in wooden and express about the finest creation of Sinhalese. Also, there are many ancient things to observe in Temple of Tooth Relic.

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