Galle one of great emblem in Sri Lankan Tourism field. There is well preserved Dutch fort in Galle. Walking through this is truly amazing and wonderful experience. Colonial type houses and buildings still exist by saying the historical evidence. There are many things to sight in Galle such like Unawatauna beach is one of finest beach of the down south. Also able to sight turtle conservation program in Habaraduwa. Not even that stilt fishing another attractive thing in near Koggala. Snake farm also another great tourist attraction in down south. It will whole new experience for the foreigners to observe snakes very closely. Not even that virgin white tea factory will be tremendous experience for the guests.


Galle Fort – Well preserved Dutch Fort that spread over 90 acres. Not even that it shows the great evidence of the colonial history of Sri Lanka. There are many museums locates in here to observe and grab more knowledge easily. Dutch Fort is the best location to spend time more leisurely.

Unawatuna – One of the best beaches in World and it is a superb and perfect place for relaxing. Not even that it is one of best diving and snorkeling site in Sri Lanka. There are a number of diving sites available in here. Sunbathing will be truly amazing as well.

Turtle Conservation – One of best tourist attraction in near Mirissa. Able to observe the turtles and their behavior. Not even that able contribute for those conservation projects. Available all types of turtles in here.

Stilt Fishing – Truly amazing fishing method only able to see in near Mirissa. One person is sitting on a narrow pole with only expectation to catch a fish. This fishing method has a century’s history.

Koggala Folk Museum – The best place to observe the folk history of Sri Lanka. Also there are many traditional things kept in a safe way also this place was a home to a great novelist in Sri Lanka.

Snake Farm – Near to Weligama able to sight snakes very closely. There are venomous and non-venomous snakes kept. People can take some photos with non-venomous snakes. The owner is an Ayurveda doctor and clearly explain about the snakes.

White Tea Factory – Only found in near Weligama. Virgin white tea process is quite interesting and there are many rituals for making tea. Even they don’t touch the tea leaves for plucking. It is truly an amazing process.