One of a great location to sight the Elephants as well as other animals easily. Udawalawe is one of hub for many animals, especially for immigrant animals. One of best place to have wonderful camping or sighting animals in a wider angle. Also one of the best wildlife location in Sri Lanka. Udawalawe Elephant Orphanage is one of great location to visit and observe the behavior. Not even that Udawalawe is a best place to observe many endemic snakes with reptiles. It is a best platform ever known to spot many animals in one place. Udawalawe based for many wildlife photographs with Water Buffalo, Sambar, Mongoose, Deer, and Elephants. Uadawalawe is the best place to spend holidays with tranquility. Leopard density attract more guests to Udawalawe.


Udawalawe National Park – A great place to sight more animals in a one platform. The diversity of the forest with fauna and flora is very high. It is semi-dry and wet zone national park in Sri Lanka.

Elephant Orphanage – The best place to sight and observe about baby elephants behavior in a better way. Abandoned baby elephants kept and feed them before release them to jungle.

Camping – The best camping location in Udawalawe Jungle, able to sight many animals at night and enjoy the natural lush in here. Serve high quality service for the guests where meet their highest expectation.