When you arrive to Sri Lanka our professional chauffeur will warmly welcome you at Bandaranayake International Airport. Follow more safety and responsible journey until you complete the whole tour. We will guide you to reach the maximum travel temptation and discover hidden travel roots of Sri Lanka. Kandy one of the ancient and historic city also known as our last kingdom. Kandy locates the most sacred place of Buddhist where Lord Buddha tooth relic kept in Kandy. Many Buddhists visit this amazing place to worship. This temple was the royal palace of King “Sri Wickramarajasinghe”. This place has been dedicated for Tooth Relic and there are holy traditions and customs in Kandy Temple of Tooth Relic. There are many beautiful places locates in near Kandy to enjoy the natural lush and traditional milestones. Embakke Temple, Gadoladeniya Temple, Kandy Cultural Show, Royal Botanical Garden, Udawatta Sanctuary are few of the most amazing places that locate near Kandy. It is one of easiest and convenient destination where can reach in one day.


Embakke Devalay – The best place to observe wooden caving. Well-furnished wooden carving able to sight here. The whole area has been decorating with wooden carving. One of place that never forget.


Cultural Show – Best time to enjoy the traditional Kandian dance. It is truly attractive and based on traditional rituals called Kohomba yak kankariya. It shows about the identity of Kandian dance.


Royal Botanical Garden – Best place to spend time and able to study about vast varieties of fauna and flora. Breathtaking backdrops with stunning views may bring enormous feeling for visitors.


Udawatta bird sanctuary – the best place to observe many birds in one place. Also close to Garrison cemetery as well many migrate birds able to fond in here and recorded over 80 bird’s species in Udawatta bird sanctuary.


Pinnawala Elephant Orphange – Perfect moment of elephants to be observed. Abandoned elephants keep in here.  Feeding baby elephants are the most impressive moment to be captured.