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One of most defensive Dutch Fort is Jaffna and they used the geographical situation to create this finest fort. This fort has been highly useful in ancient time. Originally this fort has been constructed by Portuguese but it was not perfectly developed and there are many certain things to be developed. Later on, Dutch captured the power of the area and decided to develop strategical fort. The star-shaped fort has increased the defense and made higher ramparts added more safety and defense power. At the first stage Portuguese able to build basic things of the fort. The original design has been perfectly developed and upgraded by Dutch and use the maximum geographical asset. In these days Jaffna fort has been reconstructing due to the war of Jaffna. With that many of valuable things have been destroyed but step by step develop the lost heritage.


The British era, they have upgraded the fort as an administrative unit. It was very easy to rule the area through it. Even it was the perfect place to keep all administrative things in one place. That is why they have converted to this place. British also developed some bastions upon on their requirements including with ramparts. The star shape of the fort was the finest creation even today. Watching the sunset at evening will be an unforgettable experience for the visitors that bounded to Jaffna lagoon.