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Jaffna peninsula became one of the major attraction in Northern Province. There are several places to visit and many of them are religious. The major sacred place for Hindu Religion is Nallur Kandaswami Kovil. Many of Tamil people reach to this amazing place for worship and believe this place has been devoted for Lord Muruga. It is the finest place that blended with Hindu Culture and customs. Many Hindus attend to a holy dancing event that conducts annually and thousands of people visit to pray for Lord Muruga in the same time people devote their lives to the Lord Muruga. It is a very special moment to look at and they believe once you did this Lord Muruga bless them. All men who entered to the Kovil should remove the shirts and ladies should wear the very decent dress. According to archeological facts this Kovil built in 1621. There was very ancient Kovil in the same place and after that destroyed that one exist kovil built.


People always thanksgiving to Lord Muruga and people worship many times in Kovil. It is the most sacred Kovil in Jaffna that worship by all Hindus. This Kovil became one of the major part of Hindu Tradition. Many Hindus believe there is a supernatural power still exist in this Kovil and believe it belongs to Lord Muruga. Once you worship to Lord Muruga he blesses you to success.