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Start from the Horton Plains and it is known as Sri Lanka longest river and this river goes up to Trincomalee. The total distance of the river is 335km and many hydropower plants were constructed from the water. Mahaweli river became the heart of the economy of Sri Lanka because this water could be started many cultivations in many districts of Sri Lanka. Mahaweli Authority is major responsible institute managing all kinds of work. Not even that Mahaweli river use for many irrigations works as well. Riverbanks could accommodate many camping sites which is more interesting and amazing. Also fishing in Mahaweli River will be another unforgettable experience for the visitors. Guests able to enjoy the evening fishing experience with camping night with more pleasurable excite experience.


Water rafting is bit adventurous work that can attend in Mahaweli and there are Class I and Class II raids in Mahaweli River that you could enjoy the unforgettable moments. There are many professional companies that provide water rafting service for the visitors. Also, Mahaweli River is one of best for beginners and intermediate as well because there are separate places that especially naturally made for the water rafting. Spending in river banks to enjoying the natural surroundings will never forget and it could bring more great moments to your Sri Lankan journey.