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An easy way to glimpse cross-section of Sri Lankan history and traditions by visiting National Museum Colombo. It clearly shows the various eras of Sri Lankan past history and it is the best example to reach easily. Various sections show the proud history of Sri Lanka in Colombo Museum. The Museum has been started by Sir Henry Gregory in the year 1877. The most attractive section is Archeological section because it shows about the glorious history. Many things to be explored and study in this section. Even this archeological section express about the ancient civilization and its qualities. Also visitors able to see the throne and crown of Kandian Monarch which fully furnished by Gold and Gems. It is an unbelievable thing not even that many royal types of equipment still remaining in this section. This crown and thrown belongs to Last King of Ceylon called King Sri Wickramarajasinghe.


Visiting other subsections called Entomology and Zoology are more exciting to look at and study. Also, there is another section which represents the folk lifestyle which is more interesting. It shows traditions and customs in ancient Sri Lanka in a wider range. Traditional dresses and masks bring more attention to the section. The best place to visit and grab more knowledge in one place. Also, this section represents other nations of Sri Lanka and their customs as well.