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A perfect location to spend time with more breathtaking moments. Visiting Knuckles mountain range makes your mind more tranquility. It is one of the mountain range that found pure water with other natural assets. Sri Lanka’s one of the focal point is Knuckles mountain range and it is like the heart of Sri Lanka. This amazing area has been declared as World Heritage site and extent of the area is 155sq km. usually, the whole area covered by mist at every time. The view and surrounding are truly amazing and magnificent. Many waterfalls could bring more attractive and amazing beauty into this place. This place is highly sensitive in biodiversity. Knuckles is the best place for hiking or trekking because there are amazing routes that spread among the forest.  The annual rainfall to Knuckles is very high and there are much endemic fauna and flora. Spending few hours in Knuckles will be unforgettable with its dazzling beauty.


Knuckles contains five major forest formations not even that recorded 20% plants are endemic to Sri Lanka. Also, this amazing place became home to nearly 200 bird species. Therefore watching birds is another amazing moment in Knuckles range. Visiting mini world’s end will be another great experience ever can have because surroundings are truly amazing and breathtaking. Knuckles mountain range will pave the way to feel whole new experience for the visitors.