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Rock temple locates in Hambantota area and its external appearance like Sigiriya. It was one of defense spot that used in ancient time. According to facts ,this Buddhist Monastery was built by King “Saddathissa” in 02nd B.C. This place was home to many Buddhist Monks in ancient time. Still can found amazing creation. Since this amazing temple build many ancient kings supported to his place. Mulkiriala one of finest example for painting. There are religious and non-religious paintings. There are seven caves of this ancient temple under many era this temple has been developed. On the other hand, everybody can found glorious evidence spread among many places. This monastery was accommodated many Buddhist Monks for thousands of years. In every cave can see many religious and non-religious paints. There are many things to learn about the architect, art with customs.


Mulkirigala Temple is one of the best places to observe cave paintings in easily. Also inside of every cave found well-furnished Lord Buddha statue. It has been made with natural clay and well colored with natural colors. Even best place to observe the ancient Ceylon Sculpture styles. Top of the mountain is the best place to observe the surroundings. Once climbed to the top of the rock will make breathtaking moments with its spectacular and amazing view.  Visiting to this place will bring more unforgettable experience and moments for the guests. Superb view can be seen from the top of the rock and evening sunset is the best moment to spend in tranquility.