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The most sacred place of Buddhists because there is the footprint of Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha came to Sri Lanka and established the footprint on top of the mountain. Many customs established with the mountain. Annually many Buddhists start pilgrims and trekking this mountain makes more religious feelings for the guests. Sri Pada Mountain history reaches up to King Vijayaba 1055 to 1110. According to the history, he is the first person who started this pilgrim. Trekking this place able to gather more Sri Lankan traditions and customs in one place. There are many ancient ruins still remain in this place and this place has been declared as National Park by the Sri Lankan Government. If peep to nature able to spot many endemic animals in this place because the forest is enriched with wider biodiversity. Guests able to capture more beautiful animals. Sri Pada Mountain (Adam’s Peak) is the source to major 04 rivers of Sri Lanka. Trekking this mountain will bring whole new superb and amazing experience for the people with its spectacular beauty.


Watching birds and butterflies are another great opportunity in Adam’s Peak. Breathtaking views may bring more enthusiastic expression for visitors. The best moment to capture in the top of the mountain is sunrise. The view is really amazing and breathtaking with the amazing experience. Many tourists stay to enjoy this amazing view from the top of the mountain. Walking through fascinating views are really nice with many devotees.