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This is one of close destination to Colombo, it is located in Balapitiya. It is one of Ramsar Convention wetland in Sri Lanka in later on it declared as one of World Heritage Site. This truly amazing place spread over 900 hectares and this wetland consists of beautiful 64 islands. Visiting Maadu River is the greatest platform for watching birds because annually many water birds and many immigrant birds coming to this amazing place for having their nests. Maadu River enriched with its wider spread biodiversity. There are wider spread mangroves diversity in all over the places of Maadu River. Riding boat through mangroves tunnels will bring more unforgettable with an amazing experience. Natural bird’s voices may calm your mind as well as the soul. Maadu River wetland provides a home of many endemic plants as well as aquatic animals that is why this place so special. Spending few hours with this great boat ride in Maadu River will remain more uncommon experience for guests.


Not even that in this great please can be seen traditional fishing methods and it is unique shapes can be studied. While on having boat rideable to study with grab more knowledge about Sri Lanka Traditional Fishing Methods. Also, fish therapy is another great and unforgettable experience every guest can have in Maadu River. In the middle of Maadu River can find ancient Buddhist Monastery which builds over many centuries. Visiting Maddu River Temple may bring more peaceful feelings for visitors and while on that can taste king coconut. The boat riders follow all safety standards while on having a boat ride and they explain about the natural surroundings