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A rural coastal village that locates 15 minutes far from Galle historic city. It is one of uncommon and unique place to feel enjoy the natural lush and feel the amazing beauty of nature which could attract more tourists annual. Koggala is home to Stilt Fishing where the whole world could attract for its thrilling experience with uncommon features. Koggala is famous for the fishing industry as well as for tourism. Stilling fishing is one of the traditional fishing methods which belief starts early in World War II. A fishermen sitting on a stick and waiting many hours to capture a fish. This stick fixed in the seabed and it is strong enough to hold that person weight. It is quite interesting to experience ever can have with its endless thrill. Visiting Koggala will pave the way to enjoy enthusiastic surroundings. Not even that Koggala was based for world-famous novels call “Madolduwa” and it was a home for great novelist called Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe.


Koggala folk museum was a home of great novelist and later on it developed as a folk museum. Visitors can get amazing knowledge about the folk lifestyle of Sri Lanka, especially on Southern Province. Koggala lake is a place where can have an amazing unforgettable boat ride at Koggala Lake. Having boat ride will bring more amazing memories for visitors. Peaceful surroundings and birds voices may bring you to a whole new world. Koggala Lake is a home for many animals and birds, also it is a home for many immigrant birds annually. Visiting Koggala may bring enthusiastic with superb experience for the visitors. On the other hand, Koggala has stunning with picturesque wider spread beach.