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An attractive location near Jaffna was known as Bottomless well. This well used by the people of area for drinking purpose. The amazing thing this well established very near to sea but the water could drinkable. This is one of finest creation of Mother Nature. The people believe this well doesn’t have bottom due to its deep. Even people could use the water of the well during the year and huge amount of people used the water. Also it is enough to people of the area as well. Not this well has been covered by wire mesh and people can’t get into inside. Some people believe it was the creation of God anyhow it was the finest creation of Mother Nature. Nilaware Bottomless well is truly amazing to visit and observe about its amazing creation.


Finally, marine archeology department has been decided to find the bottom of Nilaware Bottomless well and made the expedition. Finally able to know the bottom of the well located in 40 m below level. Also the amazing thing realized is there are two layers of the water level. The bottom of the water is sea water and top of the water is fresh water. In one well found two water in same time. Between 10-20 m ranges found fresh water but later on locates sea water. The bottom of the well is muddy and very dark even sunlight doesn’t reach to the bottom of the well. Also there are few caves discovered by the team that locates the bottom of the well.